What is your biggest concern when it comes to crime and safety in the City of Gosnells?

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23 March, 2024

Stuart says:

I've been finding some streets very dark and unable to notice anything in the dark area. I find street light being helpful to help us spot.

23 March, 2024

Beryl Yates says:

Cole’s gosnells. All the homeless and drug addicts, “security” who are not licensed to touch/detain people. Get real guards who can & will

21 March, 2024

Sue says:

Not enough police presence, burglaries & stolen cars, drug users and disengaged youth, some out of control with no respect, fear or empathy.

21 March, 2024

Living in Beckenham says:

Something needs to be done! From dirt bikes, to drug users, catch and release is not the answer. If they are juveniles, punish the parents!

20 March, 2024

Canning Vale Local says:

Lack of visible police presence. Unwillingness of police to respond to reports of crime

14 March, 2024

JL says:

Drug use in front of the IGA The continuing motor bike riders down the bike paths + damage done by them in the parks

14 March, 2024

Lindaman says:

Judges need to impose harsher penalties.....or even a penalty! People need to be responsible for their own actions and respect others.

14 March, 2024

Olddaughter says:

Breaking into cars seems to be prevalent which means a stronger police presence and perhaps regular patrols to discourage this behaviour.

10 March, 2024

MC says:

There seems to be an increasing number of youth using off-road, unlicensed motor bikes. They speed along Spencer & Yale Rd & walking paths.