The City of Gosnells recently adopted our new Significant Tree Register and policy.

The register includes trees that are under the protection of the City and have already been identified as significant. You can view the register in the document library.

We are now requesting residents nominate trees that they feel are significant to be included in the register.

To be included in the register the tree needs to be located on Crown land or within land managed by the City, and have outstanding characteristics including:

  • physical form - size, age, health;
  • landscape value - does the tree provide a landmark in the area, or does it dominate the space around it;
  • heritage value - what history does the tree have? Was it planted pre-European settlement or by a notable local family;
  • botanical value - is the tree unique in the area, or is it a great example of a mature tree of its kind;
  • location - is the location of the tree significant, for example is it a marker or a commemorative tree.

Each tree does not need to meet every criteria, but the more supporting evidence the City receives the easier it is for us to assess.

Once you have made your submission it will be reviewed by City staff. You will be informed of the outcome.

Why have a significant tree register?

Creating a significant tree register enables the City to monitor trees of significance and better protect them.

Although the City has identified a number of important trees, there are likely many more that we do not know the significance of yet.

Trees on the register will be inspected at least once every two years to determine if any maintenance is needed to keep the tree at optimal health. Maintenance will focus on extending their life, keeping the public safe and ensuring clearance to services such as overhead power lines.