Consultation dates: 9 November 2023 to 1 December 2023

The City of Gosnells seeks your feedback on the proposed Child Care Premises and Place of Worship at 1 (Lot 801) Amherst Road Canning Vale.

The application includes:

Proposed Childcare Premises and Place of Worship

Revised Plans received 27 October 2023

Place of Worship: Second floor (824m2), Ground floor Outdoor area (60m2), 168 people max, hours of operation are:

  • Monday to Friday (09:00am to 18:30pm) limited to 20 people;
  • Monday to Friday (19:00pm to 22:00pm) limited to 80 persons;
  • Saturday (19:00pm to 22:00pm) limited to 80 people maximum;
  • Sunday (08:00am to 22:00pm) limited to 168 people maximum.

Childcare Premises: Comprising Ground/First floor (640m2 / 1,304m2), including Ground Floor Outdoor Play Area (132m2) and First floor Outdoor Play Area (526m2), 94 Children + 20 employees – Hours of operation are:

  • Monday to Friday – Staff arrival / Departure (06:00am to 7:00pm)
  • Monday to Friday – Customer arrival / Departure (06:30am to 18:30pm) limited to maximum of 104 children and 22 employees at any one time.
  • External play areas 07:00am to 18:00pm
  • Access proposed from Amherst Road and via a vehicular two way access easement onto Sarah Close and Amherst Road

If you have received a letter from the City inviting you to comment please use the reference number provided. If you have not received a letter please use 9 as your reference number when completing the survey.

More information:

Contact the City's Planning Officer Kevin Townroe on 9397 3000.

View the Town Planning Statement, Revised Plans 1, Revised Plans 2, Acoustic Report, Traffic Statement.


Submissions can be lodged by completing the online form below, by 5pm 1 December 2023.

Any submissions received will be considered as part of the determination process and your submission will be made publicly available in the Council Agenda, unless you have specifically requested that your submission remains anonymous.